The miraculous healing Quan Yin at Adelanto County, CA

The Buddhist Channel, Dec 7, 2008

Adelanto, CA (USA) -- In this windswept desert city, just north of Adelanto Airport, a 25-foot statue of a Buddhist bodhisattva said to have miraculous healing powers looms over Highway 395.

<< The Thien Vien Chan Nguyen Buddhist Meditation Center - Adelanto, California

Every week, hundreds of Buddhists from all over Southern California congregate here, at the 15-acre Buddhist Meditation Center.

At this remote temple still under construction, people come to pray at the outdoor altar of Quan Yin, a bodhisattva, or "enlightened one," who is identified with compassion and mercy.

Thich Dang Phap runs the Buddhist Meditation Center in Adelanto. Its 25-foot statue of Quan Yin, an enlightened being identified with compassion and mercy, is the main draw.