American Tibetan Buddhist Monk Venerable Sumati Marut Returns to Reno

by Sarah Class, Reno-Gazette Journal, August 6, 2009

Reno, Nevada (USA) -- Tuesday and Wednesday, September 8th and 9th, Venerable Sumati Marut will return to Reno for a marathon of extraordinary teachings aimed at living the “good” life here and now.

Being happy requires the recognition of the opportunities present in this precious life. During these two days, Venerable Marut will teach how and why to see the world and the people and events within it as sacred, and as a means to create miracles through living wisely.

From the truth of how yoga really works to the truth of how reality really works, Lama Marut flows with ease and wit between simple, spiritual common sense and the most esoteric brain busters of Tibetan Buddhist philosophy. Known for his entertaining style and unique ability to connect ancient Eastern traditions with practical applications to Western life, Venerable Marut is offering all of the teachings to the general public by donation only.
Schedule of teachings:

Sept. 8 & 9, 3:00-5:00pm: Explorations in Emptiness
Location: The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Northern Nevada, 780 Del Monte Lane, Reno Nevada.
Contact: Beverle Deerfoot:

Sept. 8 & 9, 7:00-9:00pm: The Happiness Revolution: Ancient Techniques for Radical Transformation in a Post-Consumerist Age
Location: University of Nevada, Reno, Joe Crowley Student Union Theater.
Contact: Beverle Deerfoot:

Sept. 9, 12:30-2:30pm: The Missing Teachings of Yoga
Location: The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Northern Nevada, 780 Del Monte Lane, Reno Nevada.
Contact: Beverle Deerfoot:

Explorations in Emptiness:

These two teachings focus on cultivating wisdom through the exploration of the heart of Buddhist philosophy, “emptiness.” Enlightened by the authentic texts of the great scholar Arya Nagarjuna, sometimes known as the “second Buddha,” you can become clear on how your actions and deeds create your world. A deep understanding of emptiness makes the radical idea of perfecting yourself and the world around you not only possible but joyously achievable. Hang on tight and get ready to leave your ignorance in the dust as Lama Marut takes you on a wild ride to Ultimate Reality.

Ancient Techniques for Radical Transformation in a Post-Consumerist Age:

In this series of teachings, Venerable Marut offers powerful methods to take control over the past, present and future in order to create true and lasting happiness. Change your perception of the past by developing the warrior techniques of “complete gratitude” and “unilateral and pre-emptive forgiveness.” Learn how to work the laws of karma, or cause and effect, and transform your future into paradise by living a life of intelligent morality. Become perfectly happy in the present by losing your self in the joyful service of others.

The Missing Teachings of Yoga:

Millions of Westerners say they are regularly practicing yoga, but how many know how it really works and its true purpose? All of the ancient scriptures on Yoga agree that while achieving a healthy body and a calm state of mind is a good result of practicing Yoga, its true goal is complete bliss. This ultimate and radical result depends on developing a yoga practice with a balanced and coordinated use of all the eight components of the traditional yogic system. In this teaching Venerable Marut will stretch your mind as he takes you through the “eight-limbed path to bliss,” from how and why to cultivate a moral life and the way karma works, to the extraordinary and transformative power of meditation.

About Venerable Marut

Entertaining and down-to-earth, American monk Venerable Sumati Marut is ordained in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. In addition to teaching around the world, Venerable Marut serves as a founding Board member of the Yoga Studies Institute and as the Spiritual Director of the Asian Classics Institute of Cape Ann, Massachusetts (ACI-Cape Ann), which offers classes at its home, the Vajramudra Center. He is also the founder and Spiritual Director of the Asian Classics Institute of Los Angeles (ACI-LA), which offers a full schedule of ongoing classes in Tibetan Buddhism, guided meditation and yoga at its home, the Mahasukha Center. As a Ph.D. and Professor of Comparative Religions, he taught for over twenty years at Barnard College, Columbia University and at the University of California, Riverside, where he is Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies. Venerable Marut's personal understanding of modern western lifestyle unites with his extensive scriptural knowledge of authentic South Asian traditions to create spiritual teachings relevant to all. He pulls in cultural signposts, pop references, and humor to help remove cross-cultural hurdles and make even the most esoteric elements of Eastern philosophy work as tools for immediate transformation. The path to enlightenment has never been so welcoming.

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