City council approval given to Buddhist temple in Regina

By Patrick Book,, October 5, 2010

Concerns in neighbourhood about monks' intent to give away food

Regina, Saskatchewan (Canada) -- Some Heritage neighbourhood charities are interested in the prospect of a Buddhist temple giving away food to the needy in Regina.

On Monday night, City council approved an application to convert an 11th Avenue building into a Buddhist temple. The application makes mention of their intent to give away food not used by monks.

While council couldn't prevent them from doing it, Councillor Fred Clipsham shares concerns raised by the Heritage Community Association. They believe there are already enough of those providers in the area.

"I agree with them on that. We need these services, there's no doubt about that, but let's not pile them up in a couple of blocks because those blocks will never become anything else."

Several of the groups running food programs tell us they'd be willing to consider partnering with the temple to give away the food through their existing channels.

Carmichael Outreach's executive director Sean Fraser insists there is ample need. His organization has already served more than 16,000 meals this year. However, neither those providers nor the City councillors have had that conversation with the people behind the temple yet.