The Treasures of Tibet Arrive in Chile in April Beginning

Office of Tibet, New York, March 29, 2005

Santiago, Chile -- El Mercurio, a Spanish language daily from Santiago in Chile, announces the arrival of Tibetan Cultural Festival, "Encounter with the Tibetan Culture", in the first week of April in Chile's capital City, Santiago.

The festival, which will be inaugurated on April 5, will compose of two segments. The first segment will include four photo exhibitions which will be displayed from April 6 to 24 at the Corporacion Cultural de Las Condes. "Jewels of Tibetan Art", 30 patrimonial pieces of private collections of silks and Thankas, portrays the various aspects of Tibetan religious paintings; "Living Treasures of Buddhism", a photo exhibition of big format (2x1 mts) by the Mexican artist Ángel Alcalá portrays Buddhist Masters in meditation; "A Long Look Homeward" presents Tibet's contemporary history; "The Voyage to the Dalai Lama's Heart" by Pablo Rosenblatt and Chantal Bernsau projects the images of Dharamsala, headquarters of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Government-In-Exile.

The second segment, which will take place in the same venue from April 5 to 10, will include the construction of Sand Mandala by the monks of Namgyal monastery, video film shows, lectures on various aspects of the life of Tibetan people, workshops on Tibetan medicine and music, Tibetan musical concert with Nawang Khechog.

In its March 27 issue, EL Mercurio writes: "His enthusiasm to reveal the richness and strength of this people encourages Abdullah Ommidvar to invest US$ 15.000 in order to bring to the Corporación Cultural de Las Condes Buddhists monks and the Representative of the Dalai Lama for the Latin America, Tsewang Phuntso, from New York, as well as four exhibitions, an avant-garde Tibetan musical concert; 10 movies, including Martin Scorsese; a Tibetan Medicine workshop and another on Tibetan music as a way to kindness. On the top of these, the construction of a Sand Mandala will take place from the 6 to 10 of April, between 11 am to 7:30 pm."

Mr. Abdullah Ommidvar, an Iranian cinematographer who married to Chilean woman and migrated to Chile in 1964, is the head of the committee responsible for the organization of this event. The Committee is composed of the representatives of several Tibetan Dharma Centers, Friends of Tibet, and Chilean Tibetan Cultural Associations.

El Mercurio is a conservative daily read by 300,000 people in Chile.