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Forceful Religious Conversion of Buddhists into Christianity at Changlang Distt. Of Arunachal Pradesh and nexus of such activists with underground Militants

By Suranimala, Sinhale Hot News, June 7, 2010

Arunachal Pradesh, India -- An open letter to Dr.Manmohan Singh,Honorable Prime Minister of India by Ven.Bhaddanta Aggadhamma Mahasaddhamma Jotikadhaja,Dhammaduta Secretary of Purvanchal Bhikkhu Sangha, President, Namsai Pariyatti Sasana Buddhist Vihara, Namsai,Dist Lohit, Arunachal Pradesh, India.

<< A Tikhak family with monks. The Tikhak Tangsa tribe is under severe pressure to convert to Christianity by fundamentalists with the help of local militants

Since last few years, strong groups of Christian Religious activists with the active support of the underground militants have been reportedly involved in converting people of poor Tikhak Buddhist Community into Christian religion, whose life have been reeling under great insecurity and threat.

The mode of propaganda for conversion they adopted are – (1) inducement with monetary and material helps, (2) coercion with allurements and advocating efficacy of Christian Science on soft targets – person (s) in ill health, prolonged sickness and precariousness, (3) forceful persuasion of person in distress with ‘false’ promise of deliverance in life, (4) Dictates their terms and issue ultimatum for conversion with stipulated time for conversion through the local underground militants like NSCN (I-M) etc.

The poor Buddhist inhabitants of Tikhak Community at Putuk – I, II, III, IV, Wangnong, Motongsa, Longchong, Wintong, Rima & Machum etc. have been served with ultimatum by the NSCN (I-M) group, a Commanding-in-Charge of the Outfit, In-Charge of Nampong Circle to convert this Tikhak Buddhist hailing in the above villages to convert into Christianity, failing which they would be facing with dire consequences. The latest ultimatum is 31st May 2010 for conversion.

Our villages have been situated in Changlang Distt. Of Arunachal Pradesh, places situated beyond the time-honored “Inner Line” under the binding of govt. regulation and rampant migration of human race across the border have also been witnessed which are inimical to the well-being of the natives and disturbing peace in the area. The presence of such anti-social elements are likely to be detrimental to the security of our country.

Further this so-called Christian fanatics are reportedly found to have strong nexus with the underground militants NSCN (I-M) which smacks a deep conspiracy of sinister design which is posing a great threat to the safety of the people and security of the nation which demands to nip in the bud before it does more harm to the nation.

The reported inflow of money from unknown source for conversion appears not unfounded. If such dangerous nexus & combination is not stopped immediately this will lead to a geographical imbalances, social tension and disharmony.

The Buddhist Community strongly follows the spirit of secularism. The main tenet of Buddhism is to respect other religions, tolerance and non-violence. We sincerely believes in religious co-existence.

I on behalf of the Tikhak Buddhist Community of Arunachal Pradesh would therefore fervently urge upon your honour kindly to take prompt and needful action in the matter in larger public interest and well-being of the natives and security of the nation.

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