American Buddhist Monk Walks for Peace

By Kim Ki-tae, The Korea Times Staff Reporter, June 7, 2005

Seoul, South Korea -- Rev. Mu Ryang, an American Buddhist monk now building a Korean-style temple in the Mohave Desert in California, plans to tread for 10 days, 25 miles a day, through the desert to pray for peace. The walk will start from June 25, marking the 55th anniversary of the Korean War.

<< Rev. Mu Ryang

"From June 25 to July 4, the Independent Day, I will walk the distance for the peace of the world,?? the American monk was quoted as saying by the Chogye Order of Korean Buddhism. The order?s executive director Rev. Bup Jang met Mu Ryang in the U.S. during his visit late last month.

The walk will start from the Korean Bell of Friendship located in Los Angeles to the Korean-style temple in the desert called Tobongsan Taego-sa Temple. ``I will walk with three or four colleagues who are studying with me,?? the American monk was quoted as saying.

Mu Ryang entered the Buddhist priesthood in 1983 under the guidance of Korean Zen master Rev. Seung Sahn. He since then had practiced Zen in Korean temples including Hwagye-sa and Sudok-sa until he came to the United States in 1993.

The monk has completed the construction of the main hall of the desert Taego-sa Temple and is now building a dormitory and Zen practice hall at the remote temple, according to the Chogye order.