Renowned Burmese Buddhist monk passes away

DVB, June 26, 2005

Yangon, Myanmar -- The renowned Buddhist scholar abbot, Reverend Sayadawphayagyi Badantha Vathava Panni Meggin had passed away at a teaching monastery in Rangoon on 23 June, and his spirit had flown to the abode of the Nat of Life.

He was 83 years old and lived faithfully as the son of Lord Buddha for 63 years, i.e., as a monk. His remains would be carried from Kyaikkasan Meggin Monastery to Yeway Cemetery and cremated after a high Buddhist funeral service on 27 June.

His pupils, acolytes, former political prisoners and student leaders have been working hard for his funeral.

Reverend Meggin was imprisoned by successive governments since the late 40s, both civilian and military, for preaching the independence and freedom of Buddhist Congregation or Church in Burma.

In 1990, the abbot was sentenced to seven years in prison for translating an article about Burma from a foreign magazine.

Reverend Meggin was born at Ywaya-haung Village, Ngaputaw Township in the delta region of Irrawaddy Division in 1922. He was taught basic Buddhist teachings by monks from the monasteries in nearby towns and he continued to study philosophy at other famous monasteries in Burma.

Moreover, he went on to study at Varanasi University in India and Cambridge University in England. He was said to be fluent in English, Pali, Arabic, Japanese and Begali and travelled widely both in the East and West.