Curry for life


New Delhi, India -- Behind all the glitz and glamour, there is obviously some serious soul searching that takes place. One wonders what celebrities do to unwind after a hectic shooting schedule.

When we asked around, most said they fell back on the cushion of faith and a faith, which usually one doesn't associate them with. Hollywood actors like Richard Gere and Goldie Hawn are ardent followers of Buddhism. Madonna and Britney Spears also swear by the sense of peace they feel after following Kaballah. So what is in it that makes them want it more and more?

Actress Tisca Chopra says she has been following Buddhism for eight years. "I was prompted to follow Buddhism because there were certain unanswered questions which needed to be answered.

Buddhism is about the philosophy of peace and culture; it helped answer my questions rather quickly."For Chopra it is definitely not a fad. "The religion element is all about self-change, which is a huge plus point,"she says.

Anchor and actress Pooja Bedi has a very innovative definition of alternate faith.

She says, "I personally do not follow a particular alternate faith. I would rather summarise it as 'Poojaism' which means I follow each and every faith I have come across. I believe that my spiritual experience has been more like a cocktail courtesy my parents, my ex-husband, the habit of globe-trotting and of course my reading habit."