Myanmar exile monk's prize

The Buddhist Channel, June 23, 2008

Myanmar monk awarded Internation freedom prize

Cologne, Germany -- Ashin Sopaka, a Burmese monk was awarded International freedom prize. The prize was presented by the Society of liberty in Rome, Italy.

Ashin Sopaka, a well known Burmese monk currently in exile, played an important role in the Myanmar democracy movements, especially in the Spetember 2007 "saffron revolution".

He is the founder of Cologne-Buddhism-Center (KBC) under the name of Santi Dhamma Vihara in Germany. He is currently lecturing Buddhist studies to the German.

About Ashin Sopaka

Ashin Sopaka was born in Wun Tho, Sagaing Division, Burma in April 16, 1980. He was ordained a novice in 1994 and a monk in 2000. He studied Buddhism at Khanti Pariyatti Monastery (Wun Tho, Sagaing Division, Burma), Wayalet Pariyatti Monastery (Rangoon, Burma) and Man Aung Monastery (Rangoon, Burma).

Ashin passed Buddhist examinations known as Pathamange, Pathamalatt, Pathamagyi in Burma. He arrived Colombo, Sri Lanka on 9th May, 2004 and studied B.A and M.A programme in Colombo.

He successfully completed his B.A and M.A from the Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka. He got involved in the Burmese Saffron Revolution while studying at the Buddhist and Pali University.