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The Influence of Ancient Greece on Buddhism - A Cultural Exchange

Taxila, Pakistan --The seemingly unrelated realms of Ancient Greece and Buddhism shared a surprising connection, with Greek thought and aesthetics exerting a significant influence on the Eastern religion. Read more


Temple Fund Investigations Being Considered by Thai Police

Bangkok, Thailand --A series of multi-million baht cases involving monastic fraud has prompted the police in Thailand to contemplate their investigation into temple funds. Read more

UNESCO Recognizes Ancient Buddhist Documents for Memory of the World Register

Otsu, Japan --UNESCO's Memory of the World register will now feature a remarkable collection of documents dating back over a thousand years, shedding light on the historical and cultural exchanges between Japan and China.. Read more


Ariya Vihara celebrate Mother's Day at new home in Sungai Buloh

Sungai Buloh, Malaysia --The congregation on Sunday morning, 14 May 2023 at Ariya Vihara was waiting in high anticipation for the monks and nuns to arrive for the Puja and opening ceremony. This congregation is not common for a Buddhist centre in Malaysia because it consists mainly of female devotees. After all, Ariya Vihara was formed as the 1st Theravada Bhikkhuni Nunnery and Dhamma Training Centre in Malaysia with much interest from women wishing to ordain both from within Malaysia and abroad. Read more


The Art of Calm Abiding Meditation

Bangkok, Thailand -- In November 1967, the 14th Dalai Lama met with Buddhadasa Bhikkhu in Bangkok, marking the Dalai Lama's first international trip outside of India. During their meeting, the Dalai Lama presented Buddhadasa Bhikkhu with a special gift - a line drawing accompanied by written instructions outlining the steps of Calm Abiding Meditation, or "samatha". The replica of this line drawing, created for Suan Mokkh's Spiritual Theatre, is depicted in the painting "Calm Abiding" which visitors can see when they visit the Suan Mokhh centre in Bangkok. Read more



Suan Mokhh Bangkok: Tranquil Space in the Midst of City Frenzy

Bangkok, Thailand -- Meditation is usually not associated with heavenly locations. Walking into Suan Mokhh Bangkok, however, is a different experience all together. Located beside the Vachirabenjatas Park, its entrance is imbued with colorful flowering trees and shrubs, fringing along the rim of a clear water lake. Read more

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An Appeal

Thanks to your support, we are half way to meeting our target (US$ 10,400 of US$ 18,000 already achieved)!

The Buddhist Channel stopped its operation from March 2020 till April 2022 due to lock downs imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. A major reason for this was due to its funding organization, Bodhi Vision, an IT based company being made dormant during that period. We have recently resume our services but due to cash flow restrictions, we need help to pay for operating costs and to resume the use of our office in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. We require US$ 18,000 to kickstart our work again and any help that you can give will be much appreciated.

Despite our financial handicap, we managed to cover this year's Vesak very meaningfully. Upcoming trips include an epic coverage of Kyoto and the Japanization of Buddhism. We continue to uphold our long held principles of mindful communication while discovering and sharing authentic living Buddhist communities from Asia.

Please indicate whether your support will be a donation or a loan. We will get back to you via email. We thank you in advance for providing us financial relieve. May the Buddha Dharma ever be your guide and protector.

Note: To date, we have received the following:

US$ 900 from Esa Myllykoski (donation)
US$ 9,500 from Lance Edwards/Kau Soo Kin (loan)

We express our deep gratitude for the support and generosity.

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